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When in Rome.... Minimize

When in Rome....

Posted in [Volleyball] By Angie Akers

Hello everyone!  I am back at the computer!  China, Shanghai specifically, is a bit difficult for communication because Facebook and Twitter are banned.  Internet works, but you have to be in your room at the computer to use it and I did not spend much time there. 

Tyra and I finished 5th place in Shanghai.  It was a solid start to the FIVB tour for us.  We are anxious to do better.  We flew straight to Rome from Shanghai so that we would have a week here to act like tourists. 

Day 1 in Rome - Started the morning off with a good practice session in the sand.  Next, We toured the Coliseum and all the ancient Roman ruins.  AMAZING.  It is a lot of walking, but so well worth it.  It really is like taking a walk back through time. 
Day 2 in Rome - Trained in the morning, then toured the Vatican.  INDESCRIBABLE.  The Sistine Chapel could possibly be the most majestic art-form on Earth.  It is brilliant and genius and wonderful...breathtaking.  St. Peter's Basilica is like nothing I could have imagined.  It is enormous and impressive.  We had a wonderful tour guide who was so knowledgeable about the history of Vatican City, St. Peter's, and Michaelangelo.  What an experience. 

We have enjoyed the fresh produce and amazing food here everyday.  We are staying near an open air market where we get fresh fruits and vegetables every day.  They taste sweeter and more flavorful than anything we have ever experienced. 

To say that I am happy here would be an enormous understatement.  This has taken over the first place slot on my list of "Favorite Cities in the World." 

Pictures to come.  Please be patient.  My computer is slower than molasses so it will probably take a while for me to upload them. 

Today is our last day of walking around the city.  We start competition next Tuesday so we will start resting our legs.  Maybe we will take a bus tour.  This city is truly wonderful and amazing.  I feel so blessed to play beach volleyball as my job that takes me all over the world to such wonderful places as ROME!  LIFE IS GOOD!

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      you looks so suit.can u send me some your best pictures


    2. Re: Latest Update! are an inspiration

      --Sweet James

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      You go GIRLS!

      --Mad Max

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      You're new site looks great, i love it!


    5. Re: Fort Lauderdale - Update

      Hi Angie, you are an inspiration!


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